Social Security and SSI claims for disability benefits can be confusing and the disability claims process can be frustrating. Most applications are denied when first considered. The people who most need Social Security Disability or SSI benefits often don’t know what they can do to get the benefits they deserve.

Dennis Kavanaugh PC can help you with a wide range of Social Security Disability Insurance and SSI matters:

  • Over-50 Disability Claims: ​​​With increasing age, comes the difficulty to easily overcome a disability and return to your daily routine and work.

  • Mental Disorder Claims: While the word "disability" is often associated with physical ailments, a wide range of mental, emotional and psychological disorders can also qualify the sufferer for Social Security benefits.

  • Spinal Problems Claims: Back pain can keep you from doing the work you have always done – and leave you without job opportunities.

  • Claim Reconsideration: Has your claim been denied? Reconsideration is usually the next step.

  • Appeals Process: Sixty-five percent of all Social Security benefits applications are denied. If you appeal an initial denial or reconsideration, the case will usually go to an administrative law judge (ALJ)hearing, then to the disability appeals council, and finally to the federal courts.

  • Dire Need Case: Your claim may be expedited if your case and    financial situation is urgent.

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI): For those who do not qualify for Social Security Disability, Social Security Income may be the option.

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